Refund Policy

SEO is an ever changing game and REAL SEO Campaign takes time, it takes assets, it takes man power & time and it takes money on both ends seller and buyer, this is not a push button overnight solution this is real SEO that lasts! So please bare this in mind and do not sign up unless you are serious, we are a professional company that wants long term clients. With these facts in mind our Refund Policy is simple and fair: We do not offer results oriented services, Any Real SEO company do not do this. However if we do not deliver your report to you with ALL links or what report is committed each month you will receive a refund for that month. By signing up you agree agree to adhere to our policy.


Privacy Policy

Thank You for visiting You are currently viewing the privacy policy page. The pri­vacy is quite crucial to us and our pol­icy is uncomplicated: We guarantee to gather no personal information unless you give us the details and signup. Our website includes the advertisement of our business partners. It is highly suggested to all of the visitors that you must be careful while you click any of the ads on our website. The data provided on this website is not controlled by our website. Therefore, any of the problems happening with these websites will not the responsibility of seoskyrank.

  • Details can sometimes comprise the date plus the time of one’s visit, the arising Internet protocol address, with the pages and pictures requested.
  • We employ commercially sensible physical, electronic, in addition to technical measures to shield personally identifiable information within our self-possession adjacent to loss, thievery and illegal use, revelation or alteration. We bound to use of information that is personal about one to workers whom we consider sensibly necessitate that details to offer support, products and services, or services for your requirements or even to complete their roles inside our organization.
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